Friday, May 12, 2017

Vietnam Memorial Prayer

Maggie, Mary, and Kate

 Vietnam Memorial
 Dear God, Please help us to remember the fallen ones who who have now risen into the sky above us during the Vietnam War. Even though they may not be here physically, please help us keep them dear and close to our hearts. As we see our reflection in the black granite, please help us to remember that we are are all a part of the Memorial. We may not have fought in the battle ourselves, but we can know that each and every soldier who gave their life, was fighting for us. Please help us to know that we will always be connected to the soldiers and everything that they fought so bravely for. Help us to know that when we look at our own echo on the wall, and see our shiny mirrored images, help to remember that that is not only us, but the soldier who has gone before us. When we look back and see what this Memorial represents, God, please help us to know that the prayers we say will always make a difference in the lives of these soldiers.